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Delicious food Delicious food


*All entrées served with steamed rice.*

Pepper Steak (Bò Xào Tiêu)


Tenderloin steak cubes and vegetables sautéed in black pepper sauce.

Luc-Lac Steak (Bò Lúc Lác)


Vinegar Beef (Bò Xào Dám)

Steak cubes in the chef's special sauce


Fresh seafood

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Tropical Island (Xào Thâp Cam)

Stir fried beef, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables in a spicy brown sauce.


Sizzling Steak (Bò Nuong Vi)


Stir fried mixed veggies and juicy steak served on a hot plate

Slices of tenderloin beef seasoned with homemade vinaigrette sauce.

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Green Bean Beef


Stir-fried beef with garlic and traditional black bean sauce.


*All entrees served with steamed rice.*

Velvet Shrimp (Tôm Chiên Bo)


Large shrimp sautéed in creamy white sauce.

Fire Cracker Shrimp


Lightly battered large shrimp in creamy sauce.

Peppery Shrimp (Tôm Rang Muôi)


Large Shrimp sautéed in garlic and black pepper sauce.

Basil Seafood


Mussel, shrimp, scallops, and squid stir-fried with basil and veggies.

Pepper Garlic Crab (Cua Rang Muôi)



Whole dungeness Crab in garlic and black pepper sauce.

Spicy Soft Shell Crabs (Cua Lot Xaò Ót)


Batter-fried soft shell crabs, vegetables, and hot chili peppers in a hot and spicy sauce.




Seafood Curry (Cá Ri Biên)


Shrimp, squid, mussels, and vegetables in a spicy curry and rich coconut milk.

Whole Stripe Bass (Cá Hân)



Steamed with ginger and scallions or deep-fried with spicy lemongrass sauce.

Lemongrass Salmon (Cá Nuong Xa)


Salmon fillet marinated in spicy lemongrass and grilled to perfection.

Pepper Garlic Mussels (Hên Rang Tiêu)


Mussels in a half-shell sautéed with garlic and black pepper sauce.

Sizzling Sea Party (Do Biên Xào)


Combination seafood and vegetables on a hot plate.

Seafood Basket (Dò Biên Dac Biêt)


Combination seafood and vegetables in lemongrass seasoning.

Basil Tilapia


Lightly fried fillet with stir fried onion, tomato, bell pepper, basil in lime juice and fish sauce.

Delicious food